Monday, 3 November 2014

Top Autumn walks in the South of England by Lee Smith

Although the south of England is a more densely populated than the north of England and property and land prices are averaged a lot higher, there are still plenty of splendid landscapes and woodland to enjoy in the autumnal period. And with the right outdoor gear, it can be an adventure but still a pleasure to explore stunning woodland walks at this time of year.
In the far south of England at Winchester there is the famous Keats' walk, named after the British poet John Keats as it was an inspiration for his poem €To Autumn€. You pass through the historic city of Winchester from its medieval buildings to ancient gates until you then reach the wonderful Water Meadows and green fields of the surrounding countryside.
Other forests in the far south of the isle that would be well worth a visit at this colourful time of year include the Ashdown Forest, the New Forest and the Forest of Dean.
The wild coasts of Devon and Cornwall also come into their own at this time of year. Lydford Gorge in Devon is an enchanting three mile circular walk along the River Lyd, taking in a stony ravine, oak woodland and a powerful waterfall. Like many uninhabited landscapes in England that need conservation, this area is managed and owned by the National Trust.
And autumn does not have to be all about trees. The coast near Snettisham in Norfolk for example, is a popular spot for wading birds that prefer to hang out on the beach the low tides than stay in colder eastern climes. There are even massive numbers of pink footed geese that can be seen at this time of year.
Even in the capital nature and peace and quiet can be found flourishing in autumn. Walks around Hampstead Heath in West London can be free of traffic noise, so you may not feel you are in the capital at all. It is like an island of beautiful countryside amidst the bustling metropolis. There are even a few swimming ponds and a zoo €" so plenty to amuse children of all ages.
So wherever you are based or intending to visit in the more populated south of England, there are many pockets of nature, wildlife and tranquility. Although the climate is generally milder than up north, it is still essential to equip yourself with the right outdoor gear such as hiking boots and waterproof jackets.

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